Hercules DJ Controller

New Hercules DJ Controller Review: Elevating Controller-Based Scratch DJing

Unleash Your Creativity with the DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition

In the ever-evolving landscape of DJ gear, Hercules stands out once again with its latest offering, the DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition. Designed to cater to the needs of modern scratch DJs, this controller brings together affordability and quality in a sleek package, promising to enhance performances wherever the beat takes you.

Enhanced Features for Elevated Performance

At the heart of the DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition lies a premium fader module, elevating the scratching experience to new heights. Two sets of slipmats, tailored for both scratching and traditional mixing, offer versatility that aligns perfectly with the dynamic needs of DJs. With eye-catching gold accents and meticulous detailing, this controller not only performs but also dazzles.

Empowering Learning and Creativity

One standout feature is the inclusion of two motorized platters, reminiscent of the vinyl experience. DJs can practice their craft authentically with a separate vinyl record, felt slipmat, and platter, all easily interchangeable. The central mixer layout provides familiarity, making transitions seamless whether you’re on stage or on the move.

Seamless Integration with Leading Software

Compatibility is key, and the DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition doesn’t disappoint. Bundled with licenses for Serato DJ Lite and DJUCED, it offers flexibility to DJs of all levels. For those seeking advanced features, upgrading to Serato DJ Pro opens up a world of possibilities to refine and elevate performances.

Unleash Your Creativity with Powerful FX

Transitioning between tracks is made effortless with a comprehensive suite of effects. FX select buttons, a paddle, and a filter knob per deck empower DJs to craft seamless mixes with precision. Whether it’s isolating vocals or experimenting with instrumentals, the possibilities for creativity are endless.

Reliable, Portable, and Ergonomic

Weighing just 11 lbs, the DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition is designed with portability in mind. Its retractable feet not only offer ergonomic comfort but also protect the controller from spills and mishaps. Say goodbye to the days of lugging heavy gear and hello to a lightweight companion that keeps up with your on-the-go lifestyle.

Built for Durability and Comfort

The included premium fader module ensures smooth, reliable performance, built to withstand the rigors of frequent use. Scratch slipmats insulate records from vibrations, providing the tactile feel of traditional turntables without compromising on stability. Additionally, the semi-rigid EVA bag offers both style and protection, keeping your gear safe wherever your DJ journey takes you.

Connectivity for Every Setup

The DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition offers a comprehensive range of audio connections to suit any setup. With master outputs including XLR and RCA options, connecting to professional speaker systems is a breeze. Dual headphone connectivity ensures seamless collaboration and monitoring, no matter the venue or environment.


In summary, the DJControl Inpulse T7 Premium Edition stands as a testament to Hercules’ commitment to innovation and quality in DJ gear. With its blend of affordability, performance, and versatility, it’s poised to become a staple for scratch DJs looking to elevate their craft. Whether you’re a seasoned pro or just starting out, this controller offers the tools and features to unleash your creativity and take your performances to the next level.